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Do you have to get up early in the morning to buy fresh seafood?
Do you spend too long on the phone with all your different suppliers?
Do you struggle to find the products you want?
Do you want to focus on short supply chains?

With ProcSea, it couldn’t be easier to order European seafood

As a free digital purchasing platform for professionals, with no obligations, ProcSea simplifies and optimises your purchases by connecting you in real time to multiple fishing ports in France and Europe.
Order directly with total transparency from a hundred fishermen, suppliers and fish merchants and benefit from a comprehensive service, including delivery.
With ProcSea, join the digital revolution of the maritime industry and opt for sustainable, traceable fishing.
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A fisherman unloading his catch of the day into a crate at the port.

Fresh fish and short supply chains, just a click away

Seafood, primarily supplied by the fishing industry, is subject to daily changes in terms of its availability, quality and price. This lack of visibility makes selling more complicated for fishermen and fish merchants and makes the buying process long, tedious and, above all, unpredictable for those buying fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

By connecting supply and demand in real time on the same platform, ProcSea focuses on short supply chains and optimises day-to-day business. you're able to choose the suppliers you prefer: search, compare, buy ! It's as simple as that!

Several orders : a single flat-rate delivery charge and a single invoice

Diagram illustrating the ProcSea connections between fishermen, wholesalers and producers with restaurant-owners, fishmongers and distributors.Schema Responsive Vente En Ligne Poisson EnSee all products

An online supply solution for professionals


  • Comprehensive overview in real time to compare opportunities
  • Focus on short supply chains


  • Wide range of seasonal and certified products
  • More than 90 fish merchants and fishermen in Europe


  • Total traceability of products including seller, quality, origin, fishing gear and certifications.


  • Over 70 experts ready to help with any enquire
  • Comprehensive logistics with no flat-rate charge

Check it out now, it's free and without commitment!

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