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Do you spend a lot of time on the phone every day with your customers? Would you like to expand your customer portfolio but are you struggling to find the time to look for new buyers? Do you have to manage issues with logistics, orders, invoicing and delivery? Would you like to develop your export sales? Try ProcSea now! We offer a new way to sell your products to professional restaurateurs, fishmongers and retailers in Europe.
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A fisherman holding a crate of fish in his boat at the dock.

ProcSea, a service to save you time and money


  • Your products will be displayed to more than 800 buyers in Europe
  • You’re free to manage your own products (price, quantity)
  • Respond to tender requests


  • Comprehensive logistics, managed by seafood delivery experts
  • ProcSea takes care of invoicing and customs procedures
  • Credit insurance and currency hedging


  • Free, comprehensive service including delivery
  • Upload your products and prices in a few minutes
  • Accessible on your computer, mobile and tablet

90 fish merchants and fishermen trust us! Why not you?

Check it out now, it's free and without commitment!

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