Illustration of salmon, scallops, oysters, crab, shrimps and shellfish.

Top 5 seafood products purchased for the holiday season

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20 February 2020
The supply of seafood for the holiday season is a real challenge, but anticipation is the key to success! A good knowledge of your customers' expectations is essential to plan your purchases for Christmas Eve and the New Year’s!

Do you know your customers' favourite seafood products during the holidays?

The end of the year holidays are a synonym to great meals, family and conviviality. On French tables, seafood products are often present.

Smoked salmon, shellfish and crustaceans; these stars of our holiday tables remain quite traditional. However, among the top ten holiday dishes cited by the French, scallops, salmon, oysters and seafood seem to remain their favourites.

Graph showing the 10 favourite dishes of the French on Christmas Eve according to a BVA study. The 10 Christmas Eve dishes most often cited by the French.

How to prepare the 2019 holidays to best satisfy your customers?

The end of the year is an important period for all professionals in the sea sector. In order to ensure the best possible order and sales, it is necessary to anticipate your purchases.

The flagship products found in the TOP 5 of seafood sales on the ProcSea platform in December 2018 were:

Bar graphic illustrating the most popular species in December 2018. The first is salmon with 48% of sales, then scallops, hollow oysters and cod around 15% and finally sea bass with 7% of sales. Infography of five bestselling species on ProcSea in december 2018

Not surprisingly, the seafood products that decorate our tables for Christmas and New Year's Eve are, most of the time, the same from one table to another.

Professional advice from professionals

Below you’ll find some tips to ensure a successful holiday season:

  • Store and freeze products that can be stored to ensure volume or for controlled prices (crustaceans, in particular). Farmed products (oysters, salmon), which can be stored in tanks (clams, abalone) or processed (smoked salmon) are obviously less affected by these variations in availability.
  • Spread your supply over a few days so you won't depend only on the delivery on December 24th.
  • Buy earlier than usual: some suppliers will bring their order end times forward.

ProcSea, your partner to anticipate your 2019 holidays

This year, Christmas and New Years fall on a Wednesday. Auction sales will take place on the weekend of the 20th and 21st, and possibly on December 23rd.

To ensure a peaceful end of the year and the satisfaction of your customers for holiday meals, order your products online now.

Indeed, stocks for the holidays are limited. By positioning yourself quickly on products and quantities, you ensure your supply:

        1. Check out our selection of products for the holiday season and prepare your orders!
        2. Use the pre-sales feature for the festive range as well as preorders for specific products on the ProcSea platform.

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