Assiette de lieu jaune sur lit de concombre dressée par le chef Zanoni dans sa cuisine.

Preparation of a pollock salad by chef Simone Zanoni

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10 January 2020
We met with Simone Zanoni, chef at Le George, Michelin-starred restaurant at the George V hotel in Paris. Together, we prepared his recipe for line-caught pollock, served with a salad and blanched cucumbers.

Preparation: how do you prepare confit pollock?

Chef Zanoni starts by talking about the recipe’s star ingredient: “superb line-caught pollock from Brittany; extraordinary quality”. He explains how he ensures its quality: “as we can see, the eyes are curved, the gills are bright red, the flesh is firm and bright”, clear signs of quality which promise a delicious product once cooked.

We now move on to the filleting process ; precision and dexterity are required to remove as much flesh as possible from the line-caught fish.

The chef uses a thin, flexible knife to slice it into two beautiful fillets which are ready for cooking.
After cutting the fish into fillets, the chef removes the bones and the skin; these steps must be carried out before the fish can be transformed. Chef Zanoni portions the fillets and proceeds to cook them.

Chef's tip : choose a pollock that weighs at least from 2 to 3 kilos so its easier to divide into portions.

Cooking process: a quality garnish to showcase the product

The chef decides to cook the pollock with olive oil to create a confit for a tender, tasty dish. Using a metal tray, he adds the fish along with several centimetres of olive oil, lemon, orange and lime zest to give the fish a subtle citrus flavour, through the oil. . The Italian chef adds a final ingredient : vanilla, which will “give the fish a particularly delicate flavour”. After scraping the vanilla pod out, it’s left in the oil for a more intense vanilla flavour. The dish should be cooked at 55 to 60 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.

In the kitchen of Le George, Chef Zanoni prepares a citrus confit for his lieu jaune.

Setting up: beautifully assembled to open up the appetite

For the recipe’s garnish, we recommend a peeled, halved cucumber with its seeds removed,diced into 1 cm cubes and has been blanched for 10 seconds.Then it’s seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon vinegar. Chef Zanoni adds fresh mint “chopped up at the last minute” along with the finishing touch : a bit of green lettuce. A deliciously fresh salad with “summer flavours”.

“Buon appetito!”