Plate of roasted langoustines and roasted watermelons prepared by chef Zanoni in his kitchen.

What's chef Zanoni's recipe for grilled langoustines?

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7 October 2019
Simone Zanoni is the chef of Le George restaurant, in the eponymous hotel in Paris. The Italian chef welcomed us to his restaurant where he cookedgrilled langoustines, served with gazpacho and roasted watermelon.

Preparation: fresh langoustines for the very best quality

Our recipe starts with the star ingredient: beautiful langoustines, of 450 grams . The chef explains that he uses flesh from the tail and the claws : “there's plenty of flesh on the inside”. The first step is to shell the langoustines, taking the time to cut the flesh and the shell in two; it will be used during cooking.

Served with: a delicious mixture of seasonal vegetables

The chef decides to use watermelon alongside the langoustines to create a “summery flavour”. It will be used as a salty ingredient : pan fried with salt and pepper, like a piece of meat. The pan will then be deglazed with calamansi vinega and lemon pulp. A delicious combination of sweet, salty and acidic. To finish off, a delicious gazpacho made with Italian tomatoes is prepared, adding a creamy texture to the dish.

Chef Zanoni cooks watermelon and langoustines in the kitchen of Le George restaurant.

Cooking process: quickly, at a high temperature, for a crisp, crunchy result

The langoustines are put shell side down on a very hot plancha: 30 to 40 seconds will be enough to cook them. Salt, pepper and olive oil are added to season the shellfish and to bring out its “incredible flavour”.

Setting up: a dish to open your appetite

The chef finish assembling the dish, adding some spinach and basil leaves for “a pretty and green effect”. A very original recipe with delicious Mediterranean flavours.

“Buon appetito!”