Other fishing techniques without equipment

Shellfish gathering

Shellfish gathering is a fishing method which is used at low tide to collect shellfish.

There are many different techniques depending on the species, from clam rakes to hand dredging for tellins. For some species, this is the main fishing method.


  • Cockles
  • Tellins
  • Pacific littleneck clam
Schéma expliquant la méthode de pêche à pied.
Un pêcheur professionnel sur l'estran tenant un sac de coquillages.


Shellfish is simply caught by hand while diving. Formerly a poachers’ technique, licences were gradually issued within a strict legal framework until a genuine industry was established. Diving caught seafood has increasingly become common in gourmet restaurants, much to everyone’s delight!

Diver scallops are known for being much less sandy than scallops caught by dredging.


Schéma expliquant la méthode de pêche en plongée.
Un pêcheur professionnel pêche en mer en plongée munit d'un petit outil.
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