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What kind of cuts are my fish available in for purchase on Procsea ?

What are the different existing fish cuts?

The online sales platform developed by ProcSea offers whole or prepared and cut products according to your needs. In order to facilitate your choices, you will find information below on the various names used for the products on sale:

  • Full:​ fish intact, no previous preparation.
  • Not gutted: fish not gutted.
  • Gutted:​ fish from which the viscera have been removed and the abdominal cavity cleaned.
  • Gutted Head On: gutted fish with head.
  • Gutted Head off: gutted fish from which the head and gills have been removed.
  • Fillet: product resulting from a mechanical or manual filleting operation. It is a fleshy boneless piece of meat cut or sliced away from the bone by cutting lengthwise along one side of the fish parallel to the backbone. It is characterized by its preparation:
    • Fillet skin on / skinless
    • Fillet with flank / flank off
    • Fillet skin on scaled
    • Boneless
  • Back:​ the dorsal part of the fish that is the most fleshy and boneless.
  • Steak: ​ these are slices cut from the fillets of large fish.
  • Butterfly:​ the two fish fillets are connected by the dorsal skin.
  • Trim any potential waste has been trimmed from the fillet (bones, fins, flank, skin...). There are different grades of Trim from A to E.
    • Trim A​ : fillet or steak without dorsal and ventral edges. ​
    • Trim B​ : fillet or steak without dorsal fin, fat partly removed. ​
    • Trim C : fillet or steak without dorsal fin, fat removed. ​
    • Trim D :​ fillet or steak without dorsal fin, fatless & boneless.
    • Trim E :​ fillet or steak without dorsal fin, fatless, boneless and skinless. ​
Illustration de la découpe trim-A d'un poisson
Salmon Fillet Trim A
Illustration de la découpe trim-B d'un poisson
Salmon Fillet Trim B
Illustration de la découpe trim-C d'un poisson
Salmon Fillet Trim C
Illustration de la découpe trim-D d'un poisson
Salmon Fillet Trim D
Illustration de la découpe trim-E d'un poisson
Salmon Fillet Trim E
  • Processed fishery product: resulting from one or more processing operations of the fish.
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What criteria must be met for each type of cut?

The products cut in our suppliers' workshops put online must comply with the following criteria:
  • Steak
    • White fish: almost boneless
    • Salmon: almost boneless and Trim cut A to E
  • Fillets
    • Salmon: Trim cut A to E
  • Fillets and steak with skin: scaled.
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To which quality grades are the different cuts associated?

Do you want to understand the quality differences between a fillet and a back?
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