The seafood market is complicated. How can you get your bearings?

The seafood market is characterised by its complexity and volatility, along with its ultra fresh products. Buyers must anticipate the day-to-day volatility of the volumes caught and their prices. Once these fish become available, buyers must choose from a wide range of species, calibres, qualities and fishing methods.

How can you buy fresh fish throughout the year?

The ProcSea purchasing platform is an innovative service which offers an extensive range of fresh and seasonal seafood throughout the year. Access a vast range of more than 1,500 products. The wide-ranging nature of the products available online makes it possible to make up for the lack of certain products caused by unpredictable weather conditions and to ensure a daily supply. Order from a hundred sellers and choose from bespoke services including deboning, filleting and pre-preparation.
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European lobster

Line-caught bass

Red lobster

Wild meagre

Line-caught pollock

Line-caught whiting

Wild turbot

John Dory




Red mullet



How can you choose the quality of the products you need?

The ProcSea platform is committed to offering its customers quality products, based on the desired level of freshness. Quality is regulated by means of strict specifications, established with our sellers, with five grades: E+, E, A+, A and B. Upon receipt of the purchased goods, every fish merchant checks and assesses the products’ freshness, based on pre-established criteria: stiffness, firmness of the flesh, skin pigmentation, mucus, eyes, gills and more. This information helps you to choose the right level of product freshness for your needs.
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Une daurade royale de très bonne qualité disposée sur de la glace dans une caisse de criée.

What labels and certification are available on ProcSea?

For even more transparency and to guarantee product traceability, the marketplace gives you access to a range of certified and labelled products: MSC, ASC, Friend of the Sea, AB, Pavillon de France, Label Rouge and other “pin badge” labels.
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Représentation graphique des labels AB, MSC et des certifications label rouge et pavillon de France identifiés sur des produits de la mer.

What different fishing techniques are there?

The marketplace provides information for every product, including the landing port or production area and the fishing gear. This information, provided before purchase and unique to the market, enables you to better understand the product and to make more informed choices. Different fishing methods, described as active and passive, are used for different species. You’ll find an explanation of them all below:
Bateaux de pêche amarrés au port de Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie.
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What’s the latest seafood industry news?

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