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MOWI SUPREME : The new standard in salmon excellence reserved for chefs!

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18 February 2020
Formerly Marine Harvest, the MOWI group launches in November 2019 a range of excellent farmed salmon under the brand MOWI SUPREME. In order to succeed in this bet, it relies on an environmentally friendly farming and fish development cycle. For this new range, it proposes innovative formats and cuts... The details of this product offer are given in our article.

Putting salmon back on the restaurant menu

The Norwegian group MOWI, world leader in salmonid (including salmon) aquaculture, is taking on a new challenge : to conquer the French market with its MOWI SUPREME range. This salmon is designed to best meet the expectations of French chefs. And, to promote the short circuit, a MOWI production site is being set up in Finistère.

MOWI is a new partner, of ProcSea, which will propose its offer on our platform dedicated to professionals.. The ambition of this fish supplier is to put back salmon, the favourite fish of the French, in the plates of restaurants. A major challenge since it usually gets bad press!

MOWI supreme salmon plate in the hands of a restaurateur

Meeting the expectations of restaurateurs

The promise of MOWI Supreme salmon is:

  • a robust and resilient strain of salmon with 50 years of expertise and know-how;
  • a quality feed supply through their own aquaculture production chain
  • a pre-rigor quality (filleting two hours after slaughter) for a delicate texture and optimal freshness.

Quality and traceability are monitored at each stage of production. A QR code is affixed to each product and will in the future allow the path of each salmon to be followed in complete transparency.

A premium range available on the ProcSea platform

Are you a professional and want to buy farmed salmon with the MOWI Supreme label? Log on to ProcSea's purchasing platform and choose among the products offer:

  • Fresh salmon : the combination of a firm
    texture and freshness
    is guaranteed by filleting a few hours after leaving the water (in pre-rigor). Different cuts are available:

    • Filet Royal is a very fresh raw product, also available in different preparations:
        • Filet Royal trim C scaled, with bones ;
        • Filet Royal trim D, scaled, vacuum-packed, without bones
    • Magnum ASC* certified,* is a premium cut of the best part of the fillet for maximum thickness.

*Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Premium slicing of the fillet of supreme fresh mowi salmon for maximum thickness.

    • Kube ASC certified, is a premium square portion of 150 g. The interest is the saving of time in the kitchen for the chef.

Square portion of salmon mowi supreme, fresh kube cut.

  • Smoked Salmon Royal Fillet: : it is prepared from a very large salmon that has spent an extra year in the sea. The fillet is traditionally smoked with beech wood, suspended by a string in order to offer an authentic and gourmet taste.
    • With skin and not sliced

Mowi salmon supreme smoked with beech wood, suspended by a string.


Labelling and sustainable approach for this fish of excellence

The + of this MOWI SUPREME range are :

  • Fresh ASC certified products guarantee a sustainable aquaculture, respectful of the product and the environment.
  • A commitment to reducing environmental impact. The salmon under magnum and kube preparation are delivered in eco-responsible packaging: recyclable EcoBox. Light, strong and watertight, these durable boxes do not use plastic or polystyrene.

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