Centralise your group's purchases using a single platform

Do you spend far too much time negotiating prices with your various suppliers? Are you looking to standardise your products and suppliers? Do you want to control your group's purchases? Do you want to provide your network with a simple digital solution to make it easy to buy fresh seafood?

Try ProcSea! By accessing a hundred suppliers in our platform, you can simplify and digitise your purchasing process and control your costs.

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A purchasing manager buying fish from suppliers over the phone.

ProcSea is the solution to manage your multi-site purchases


  • Wide range of wild and farmed fish from France and Europe
  • Search for specific products


  • Integrate your current fish suppliers
  • Real-time price comparison
  • Optimise the cost of logistics


  • Add your technical specifications
  • Add your product specifications (organic/MSC/LR/“pin's”)
  • YER (Year End Rebate) possibility

180 major groups trust us ! Why not you ?

Check it out now, it's free and without commitment!

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