Partnership - Procsea supports association Euro-Toques


After more than two years of existence, Procsea formalizes its recent partnership with the association Euro-Toques France, the only lobbyist association of chefs officially recognized by the European Commission.


Presentation and history


Founded in 1986 by Pierre ROMEYER and Paul BOCUSE, the association Euro-Toques aims to defend food in its quality and origin involving its European network of chefs and at the Executive Committee in Brussels.


"Euro-Toques France is part of a Euro-Toques network throughout Europe, and has a permanent seat in Brussels at the heart of the European decision-making system, thanks to its permanent lobby office."


Photo : Euro-Toques 


"Our lobby is the product"

The association by its thousands of members across Europe defends the taste and quality of food. The respect for the know-how of the professionals is also very important to the chefs of Euro-Toques, valuing the traceability of the product so dear to Procsea.

Among the members of the association, many highly skilled chefs like its co-presidents: Guillaume Gomez current chef of the Elysee and Michel Roth, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Bocuse d'Or.

The entire Procsea team is happy to join the Euro-Toques family.


Photo : Euro-Toques


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