Line-caught pollack salad by Simone Zanoni

We met Simone Zanoni, head chef of Le George, starred restaurant located in George V hotel in Paris. With him, we made a recipe of line-caught Pollack, assorted with salad and milled cucumber.



A good preparation for the product to sublimate it

To begin this recipe, chef Zanoni starts from the product itself : a beautiful line-caught Pollack coming from brittany, extra quality. Then he explains the reason for such a quality : “we see the curved eye, some vivid red gills, the flesh is bright and firm”, a guarantee of quality with ensure a delicious product once cooked. Later, we are going for filleting step, which requires precision and dexterity in order to get the most flesh possible. Just a thin and flexible blade to extract two beautiful fillets ready to be cooked


Once we made our fillets, chef Zanoni debones the fish and removes the skin. The steps are really important in order to sublimate the product. He now individualise the fish in portioning it, so he can start cooking it.

Chef tip : choose a Pollack from minimum 2 to 3 kg to portion it more easier.


Preparation for the confit Pollack

Concerning the cooking, the chef decides to confit it with olive oil, allowing it to keep its tender and tasty flesh. We use a metal tray, in which we place the fish in a few centimeters of olive oil. We will add some lemon, lime and orange peel, that will give it a little citrus taste thanks to the olive oil. The italian chef adds one last element, some vanilla that will get “a very delicate taste to the fish”. After scraping it, we leave the vanilla pod in the oil to strengthen the flavour. For the cooking, plan 55 to 60 degrés during 35 to 40 minutes. 



Mise en place

For this recipe trim, we recommend a cucumber that was peeled and halved, emptied of its seed, cut in 1 cm dices and milled during 10 seconds. Later, he seasoned it with olive oil, salt and pepper and also some lemon vinegar. Chef Zanoni adds some fresh mint “cut at the last minute” and also some green salad. A very fresh salad “that reminds the summer flavour”.

“Buon appetito!”



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