Pollack : delicate and affordable fish

At St Quay Portrieux in les Côtes d’Armor is situated the workshop of the company Louis and Georges. It is a small and traditional company, specialized in local small tide : Brill, Scallop, Dove sole, Oyster… but also the Pollack.


To choose the best Pollack

In order to determine the quality of a Pollack, you must check for its external appearance. What shows its freshness is a bright and colorful coat bright and colorful, also some bright red gills and some curved deep black eyes. Like any other fish, the rigor mortis shows that the fish is top quality. Otherwise, if it is flabby, with a pale or flushed skin and some brown gills, the fish is clearly from poor quality.


Wide sourcing and product quality

The Pollack has a really thin and delicate flesh. So, it is very important to buy this fish from its best quality to get the best of it. Despite its quality, the pollack is quite affordable contrary to the seabass. The supply is clearly diversified, in particular along the french coast from Vendée to North of France.


Pollack : a great value

In regards of the sustainability of the fishery, it is really positive. As a whole, the specie is well managed (considered as abundant) despite the fact that it is subject to lust. So, the Pollack is a fish we advise to delicate fish lovers, thanks to its taste and a great value.


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