Lobster : useful tips from chef Girardin

As a well-known french chef, Jean-François Girardin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France of 1993 did prove its worth in Ritz’s kitchen during 32 years. As he loves to transmit his passion for cooking, he now dedicates his time with young chefs for degree training. We met with him and exchanged about an exceptional product: the Lobster.



An attractive price since the early summer.

Summer period is ideal to buy Lobster, because “the price is at its lowest for all year ”. It is a windfall for head chefs who are willing to renew their menu, more importantly when it is such a quality product. Delicate product, enjoying a good reputation from the general public, it can be cooked in a little salty broth, grilled or baked… All these recipes are sure to please novice and seasoned person


Lobster : anticipate the holiday season.

“Keep Lobster for holiday season”, another good advice for the chefs. Holiday season comes very quickly after summer and witness a notable increase of prices until christmas. As the strong demand come progressively, buy Lobster during summer and keep it in the cold for several month. A really good solution according to chef Girardin to offer great but cheap menu for holiday season. .



Nothing is lost in the Lobster.

As a good head chef, chef Girardin doesn’t forget to mention to use the full potential of the crustacean :”with the husked carcass, don’t forget to make sauce and gravy, which can be used as side dish”. Even when he retires, a head chef keep his habits : continuing to explore the full possibilities of his products, especially when it comes with great quality.  


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