The Lobster : an exceptional product

In Saint-Quay Portrieux North Brittany, is situated Louis and Georges workshop. It is a small and traditional company, specialized in local small tide : Brill, Scallop, Dove sole, Oyster… It has a sense of service and a great attention to detail. The lobster in one of their favorite products.



Lobster : between flexible price and seasonality.

Regarding the lobster, there are two main species: the Canadian/United States lobster and the European lobster. For the latter one, it can be found all year long, at a much more affordable price during the peak of the season, between May and July. During this period, it is the time when restaurant head chefs can afford to add to their menu this exceptional product. From september, prices are gradually increasing, due to high demand. The crustacean is therefore bought to be stored for holiday season dishes.


Identify the quality of a Lobster.

Beyond the product’s origin, the time it spends in fishponds is essential to identify its quality. Indeed, after several weeks or months spent in fishponds, the lobster gradually loses weight. So the yield won’t be so great while cooking it, such a shortfall. To know the time the crustacean spend in fishpond, you have to check for its belly. With the time spent in their box, they tend to tackle each other, deteriorating their belly, deprived from any shell.



A sustainable and controlled Lobster fishery.

The sustainability of the fishery is well managed and enjoys a good reputation. The lobster is essentially caught by pot or gillnet, which is a soft fishing. It is caught alive, which allows to release it if the size doesn’t fit. An amount of crustacean cantonments were developed in Pays de la Loire, Normandy et Brittany, allowing them to grow and reproduce in the best conditions possible. Some of them are MSC labelled, which guarantees a great quality and management for the product. We can see that high demand and big market value doesn’t necessarily mean overexploitation of the resource.


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