Lobster : recipe of chef Zanoni

After four year at London’s Gordon Ramsay restaurant and eight year at the Trianon Palace in Paris, head chef Simone Zanoni joined starred Le George Kitchen inside of George V hotel in Paris. The Italian chef, shared time with us in his kitchen to cook a Lobster salad, with tomato, strawberry, raspberry vinaigrette and spinach. A really fresh salad “very important for me”.


A lively Lobster for a great quality

The chef highlights the importance of the product’s quality : “it must be perfect, the Lobster must be alive and lively”. In order to prevent any suffering, we spike directly in the head to cut the nervous system. After that, take the crustacean tail off and cut it lengthwise. One important thing, the chef advises that the time between killing and cooking the animal must be a short as possible to keep the quality of the flesh. For the salad, the Lobster is cooked in a charcoal oven during 3 minutes at 300 degrees. At very fast and powerful cooking “to keep all the juice inside”.


A salad with fresh products

After cooking, we pick all the flesh inside the tail and claws. Aside, we mix our spinach leafs with some raspberry vinaigrette, some crushed tomato, salt and a little of basil. Then we add some strawberries in our plate and the cooked lobster.

At then end, we add just a dash of olive oil.

You can enjoy your salad.

“Buon appetito!”


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