Langoustine tips from chef Girardin

Jean-François Girardin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France of 1993 did prove its worth during 32 years in Ritz’s Paris kitchen. As he retired from kitchen rush, he now dedicates his time with young chefs for degree training. We met with him in George V hotel and exchanged about Langoustine.


A delicate flesh and a wonderful taste

The first thing the chef insists on, is the delicacy of the Langoustine flesh, which requires dexterity while you shell it. After, it’s really important that you remove the gut, breaking the tail at its lowest point, in order to only keep the sweet and tasty flesh. One more thing according to Jean-François Girardin, is to shell the Langoustine “as fastly as possible” in order to get the best cooking or storage conditions.


Cooking and storage for an ideal quality

As Langoustine is concerned, better store it in great cold than in the fridge. The crustacean flesh is very delicate, so a fridge storage would soften the flesh and significantly reduce its flavour. Another thing you must know, the Langoustine gets cooked very quickly, just “fry both sides for a few seconds and it’s already cooked ”. We can also “cook it in a flavoured broth” in order to give to the Langoustine a very specific taste. Do not forget either to “make the grout with the shell”, some very tasty sauce that can go along with any kind of fish.



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