The Langoustine cooked by Simone Zanoni

Simone Zanoni is the head chef of Le George restaurant kitchen, situated in the eponymous palace of Paris. The italian chef granted us time in his restaurant to cook with us some grilled Langoustine, assorted with gazpacho and roasted watermelon.


Some fresh Langoustine that ensure the best quality

We begin our recipe starting from the product : some beautiful Langoustine of 450 grams each. The chef specifies that he uses not only the tail flesh but also the one from the claws : “there’s a lot of flesh inside”. The first step consists in coring the crustacean, taking the time to incise the flesh cutting the shell in two equal parts, which will be used for cooking.


A quality filling to enhance the product

The chef chooses to use the watermelon to go along with the Langoustine, a way for him to remind “the summer flavours”. It will be worked salty, which means it will be cooked with salt and pepper, like any meat. We will then deglaze it with some calamansi vinegar, with lemon pulp. A delicious mix of flavours, betweens sweet, salty and the acid side. To complete the recipe, a delicious gazpacho made of italian tomatoes to give a creamy aspect for the dish.



A fast and strong cooking to give a crispy side

Drop the Langoustine on the shell side directly on the very hot griddle, 30 to 40 seconds will be enough to cook it. Salt, pepper and olive oil will be added to season the crustacean and reveal all its flavours, “a wonderful taste”. The head chef now gather everything, with some spinach and basil leafs to give it “a nice and greeny side”. A very original recipe with some delicious mediterranean flavours.

“Buon appetito!”



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