Set sail on the ProcSea ship: we’re hiring!

Our vacancies in Rennes, Lausanne and London

Join us and enjoy a workplace where you are trusted to develop your tasks independently. We will provide different trainings to teach you all about our solution and will support your professional development. Your career and salary growth will be a reflection of your personal investment and success.

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Want to learn more about what our ProcSea sailors are up to?

Watch the first portraits in our series entitled “Like a fish in water”! Martin, our Data Analyst, explains his role. More portraits are coming soon!

3 excellent reasons to work for ProcSea

CHALLENGES: you’ll be presented with exciting challenges

We are fully committed to what we’re working, always striving to perform at the top of our abilities and to be in constant improvement; we aim to acquire new skills and to help ProcSea expand beyond its limits. A new challenge? Nothing can stop us!

The advantages

ProcSea gives us the resources to achieve our objectives with training and support. With the company’s Test & Learn philosophy, all of our ideas are welcomed.

AMBITION: you’ll contribute to ProcSea’s global development

ProcSea was founded with a two-fold ambition: to revolutionise the fishing market and to create an internationally recognised company. We all share a strong desire to create a meaningful company. That’s why we all do our very best to help ProcSea grow every day.

The advantages

Renaud and Florian are conscious of our day-to-day contributions for ProcSea’s development. That’s why, they want all employees with permanent contracts to be able to benefit from the company’s success via stock options.

TEAM SPIRIT: you’ll flourish at the heart of an enthusiastic crew

We’re all in the same boat: we share the highs and the lows of the journey together. We work together to move forward as one; we share our experiences, our skills and our passions. How would we describe our day-to-day working relationships? Simple, sociable and fun!

The advantages

There’s always time to switch off and unwind with sport, leisure activities, outdoor meals and fun ways to relax! Jogging ☆ Badminton ☆ Poker ☆ Chess games ☆ Mölkky ☆ Laser quest ☆ Palet games ☆ French boules ☆ Fishing ☆ Secret Santa ☆ Escape games ☆ Raclette parties ☆ Barbecues ☆ After-work drinks and more.
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