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Team Building 2019: How to build a fast-growing team?

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15 November 2019
At the beginning of October, Renaud and Florian gathered their sailors around a group event. On the agenda: good moods, team spirit, and relaxation!

The startup is growing, so is the ProcSea team…

Constantly innovating, the ProcSea family has passed from 45 sailors in May 2019 to 65 in November 2019. This growth is making possible the recruitment of new talent!

The teams are expanding quickly. So, nothing beats dedicating a special time in an environment outside the office, to get to know each other, strengthen cohesion, and enhance team spirit!

On the 11th of October 2019, ProcSea's HR team organised a team building for all their sailors.

Sailors from ProcSea talk in the park of the castle la Barillère in France. ProcSea employees enjoy a friendly time outdoors to discover each other.

A lot of activities: a whole program!

Where did the team building take place?

🏰 At castle “la Barillère” in Mayenne, France.

By staying one night in this atypical place, the teams got to make the most out of its historical and heritage-rich setting to get to know each other a bit better.

What activities were on the agenda?

  • A relaxing afternoon:
    • 🔍An escape game was organized within the castle. In teams, the sailors had to work together to solve puzzles.
    • Free time was enjoyed with outdoor games, molkky and breton .

In the castle, a team debriefed in a circle to solve the last enigma of the escape game. The final step to complete the enigma, team cohesion at its best.

  • An evening at the castle: For one evening, the ProcSea crew is gathered for a friendly moment.
    • To treat them, a food truck 🍔 moved into the courtyard of the castle especially for the occasion!
    • The evening continues in joy and good humour, singing and/or dancing/...

This pleasant moment shared all together, in a period of growth for the company, has contributed to putting human relations, collaboration and a sense of community at the heart of our development.

The ProcSea crew meets outside in the castle courtyard. Grouping of sailors in the castle courtyard.

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