A drone above the sea pulling a fish out of the water.

What is the ProcSeadrone©, the latest innovation from ProcSea ?

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9 October 2019

You have certantly noticed the increasing popularity of drones: whether used for fun or even for military purposes, these no pilot aircraft seems to offer infinite possibilities.
Continually looking for the latest technologies, we recognise their potential and the revolutionary impact that they will have on the fishing industry. Our slogan, “from the sea to the plate”, is set to take on an entirely new dimension.

A technological gem to better serve you

« Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's ProcSeadrone©!»That’s what people will soon be saying at your business.

In partnership with DRONE AIR, a French manufacturer of professional drones, we’ve created a prototype capable of fishing at sea and delivering the fish you have ordered directly to you on the ProcSea platform. The considerable time saving allows you to receive a product of unequalled freshness in less than 12 hours!

“This unprecedented project is the result of 2 years of collaborative work.” After several positive tests, we launched the manufacture of a fleet of 100 ProcSeadrones©, available at the strategic fishing ports of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Lorient and Erquy,” says Amaury SAUTELLEC, Head of R&D at ProcSea.

How does ProcSeadrone©work, from fishing to delivery ?

Our drones are solar powered and fully operational to meet your orders for whole fish. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, they are able to analyse the most fishy areas and detect the chosen fish species by radar. Fishing is done by line, with ProcSeadrone© flying at 3 metres above sea level.
Once the fish has been caught, the packaging box closes tightly to prevent any external contamination and leakage during the air journey to your establishment. It has also been specially designed to maintain a temperature of 2°C.

Once the fish is caught, the packaging box closes tightly to prevent any external contamination and any leakage during the drone’s flight to your business. What’s more, this packaging has been specially designed to maintain a constant temperature of 2°C..

A drone in the air delivering an order directly to a customer.

How can you order with ProcSeadrone©?

1) Log in to the platform.
2) Search for your fish, as you would normally.
3) When you validate your basket, a new feature is proposed to you. Simply click on the « GO ProcSeadrone©!».
4) Your drone is activated and goes to accomplish its mission: in 3 hours maximum, your fish is caught. You will then receive an SMS notifying you of your package delivery time (travel time varies according to your location). Once the ProcSeadrone© has reached its destination, you are notified of its presence by a second SMS.

Order with ProcSeadrone ©