ProcSea's cofounder alongside chefs Guillaume Gomez and Michel Roth.

ProcSea and Euro-Toques France: a product-focused partnership

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9 October 2019
After more than two years in the business, ProcSea has formalised its partnership with the association Euro-Toques France, the only lobbyist association for chefs to be officially recognised by the European Commission.

History and presentation of the chefs' association

Created in 1986 by Messrs Pierre ROMEYER and Paul BOCUSE, the Euro-Toques association aims to defend food products in their quality and origin within its European network of chefs and with the Executive Commission in Brussels.

“Euro-Toques France is part of a Euro-Toques network across Europe and has a permanent presence in Brussels, at the heart of Europe’s decision making system, with its offices for lobbying.” Source site : Euro-Toques France.

Photograph of the members of the Eurotoques association and its partners.

A shared interest: “The product is our lobby”

With thousands of members across Europe, the association works to champion delicious, qualitative food. Euro-Toques’ members have real respect for professional expertise and promote product traceability, a subject that is very important to ProcSea.

Members of the association include a number of chefs who enjoy a similar reputation to those of the association’s co-founders: Guillaume Gomez current head chef at L’Elysée and Michel Roth, who has been awarded the prestigious titles of Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Bocuse d’Or.

The entire ProcSea team is thrilled to join the Euro-Toques family.