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ProcSea sea world Hackathon: discover the winners of the 2020 edition!

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28 February 2020

The first Hackathon on the theme of the sea took place on 25 and 26 January 2020 in Rennes.

A great moment of sharing, meeting, collaborative work in a studious and warm atmosphere.

A hackathon on the theme of the sea...

Saturday, January 25, 2020, 9:00 a.m. About thirty people are gathered in ProcSea's offices in Rennes for the launch of the first Sea World Hackathon...
Coffee, croissants, briefing... and go!

The challenge? 36 hours to develop an application related to the world of the sea.

For some, the idea is already found for others it's time for brainstorming, ideas are flowing...

Projects and teams of the Sea World Hackathon 2020

Team Wololo: "Ask Michel!", the application to help fishermen!

ProcSea sea World Hackathon - Team Wololo

Project name: "Ask Michel!"

Project developed by: Arthur Ruby, Théo Le Visage and Jérémy Giorgio

Description : The companion for the amateur fisherman! Depending on the geolocation, the date of the tide times, the weather conditions... Displays the fishing possibilities, the types of fish...

Team CamelCase: The social network for sea lovers?

Team Camelcase - Procsea Sea World Hackathon

Project name:to be defined.

Project developed by: : Samy Abdallah and François Esnault

Description: Social network based on the geolocation of the user associated with media related to the Ocean theme. Users can vote to highlight the themes of their choice.

Team Fox: Helping clean up the coasts...

Team Fox - ProcSea Sea Word Hackathon

Project name: : Solidarisea

Project developed by: : Eugénie Mortessagne and Valentin Kiryk

Description: Report litter on the coast, organize pickup...

Team Fishnet: Recognize fish species thanks to artificial intelligence, provide information on these species...

Team Fishnet - Sea World Hackathon

Project name: : “Hack-A-Thon”

Project developed by: Marjolaine Justin, Dorian Screm, Julien Kermarrec, Alexis Bourgoin

Description: Fish recognition application based on Artificial Intelligence.
Once the species has been detected, the application presents additional information: origin, state of stocks, reproduction period... and recipe ideas!

And the winners of the Hackathon are...

After 36 hours of hard work, it's the jury's turn to take the stage to decide between the projects. There are 1,000 € worth of prizes to be won... The pressure is on!

It's the Fishnet team and the "Hack-a-Thon" application that wins first place!

This pun hides an already operational application: from simple photos of fish, the application recognizes the species and proposes its location, its population and... recipes to cook it!

The jury was seduced by this already functional multi-platform application with impeccable ergonomics and very interesting features!

👏 Congratulations to all the participants of this first ProcSea sea World Hackathon and see you next year! 👏

Many thanks to the members of the jury 🙏 :

  • Élise Bideau / UX Designer
  • François Cormier / Mayor of the Village by CA Ille-et-Vilaine, accelerator for startups
  • Régis Le Guennec /Cybersecurity Expert - IpCyb
  • Kevin Enjalbert / Webdesigner - ProcSea
  • Luc Merceron / Lead Dev ProcSea
  • Yohann Craumacher / Developer Front end ProcSea

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