Map of France illustrating ProcSea's logistical network.

ProcSea has enhanced its logistics network with waterproof packaging

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10 January 2020
In December 2018, ProcSea launched a new logistics service featuring waterproof packaging to strengthen its network in France. What are the advantages of this development?
  • Even fresher products for better deliveries of fresh seafood;
  • Expanded delivery area: comprehensive coverage for delivery across France;
  • Quicker delivery: effective, optimised transportation.

Why does fresh products entail complex logistics?

The logistics of ultra fresh seafood are complex, specific and restrictive.These products are particularly sensitive and must:

  • Be transported in controlled temperatures(between 0 and 2°C);
  • Keep it separated from other food products.

This just-in-time logistics is therefore particularly demanding in terms of safety (no interruptions in the cold chain) and traceability.

ProcSea works with a network that specialises in the seafood supply chain and constantly looks for ways to develop its services to meet every customer need.

How has order delivery been optimised?

As part of the focus in constant improvement, ProcSea is rolling out its new logistics solution in France: waterproof packaging that keeps products incredibly fresh, with no loss of quality or flavour. With this packaging, ProcSea can provide comprehensive coverage across France,“we want to improve and optimise our logistics chain for our end customers”, explains the company’s co-founder Renaud Enjalbert, “We want to offer the best, fastest delivery, everywhere in France."

Since December 3rd 2018, any professional (restaurants, fishmongers, retailers, wholesalers) who wants to buy ultra fresh seafood directly from fish merchants and fishermen in France or Europe has been able to do so on our online purchasing platform.

Photo by Renaud Enjalbert, CEO of ProcSea

«Logistics is key to the success of a digital marketplace specialising in fresh seafood. To meet the needs of our professional customers, we look for optimised distribution models, efficient IT systems and agile organisations, all while optimising costs.», says Renaud Enjalbert.