Paris Troubleshooting Solution

New at ProcSea: a troubleshoot solution in Paris (75) for your evening seafood purchases!

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13 December 2019
Do you need to adjust your stock at the last minute or do you need to deal with an unexpected event? ProcSea develops a last minute service in the evening, to Parisian professionals, for a delivery the next morning.

No change for your daytime purchases....

As you already know, ProcSea supports you on a daily basis to simplify your purchases of seafood products.

👉 It starts very early in the morning: it's your morning ritual

You have access to the greatest diversity of seafood products, available online from more than 90 suppliers in Europe. The ideal place to do your shopping and benefit from the best opportunities! The largest volumes are available early in the morning.

👉 And it goes on all day long!

Fishermen, fish merchants, producers and processors will meet you all day long to propose their best offers.

ProcSea helps Parisian buyers in the evening for delivery the next morning

What happens in the evening in an emergency situation?

  • When you have to deal with an unexpected event?
  • When your stock of products will not be enough the next day?
  • When you have a last-minute request?

By connecting to the ProcSea platform, it is still possible to place a last minute order before 11:45 pm and receive your package the next morning.

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