Illustration of the ProcSea marketplace on different devices: computer, mobile, tablet.

Development of the professional online platform

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10 January 2020

ProcSea is continuing its development to digitise the seafood industry.

The online marketplace, that focuses on short supply chains and connecting expert fishermen, fish merchants and local suppliers with professionals, made a revolutionary change at the end of 2018. Users can now enjoy using a new interface for better customer experience: it’s more ergonomic, faster and, most importantly of all, more mobile!

What's the purpose of ProcSea's online platform?

 Illustration of the ProcSea platform on a mobile.

Founded a little over 3 years ago by Renaud Enjalbert and Florian Dhaisne, has revolutionised the seafood market by connecting fishermen, suppliers and fish merchants in France and Europe in real time with professionals (restaurants, fishmongers, retailers, wholesalers) looking for opportunities, specific characteristics, diversity and quality.

A new online marketplace, available wherever you are, whatever time it is!

To meet the needs of its professional customers and to provide an increasingly efficient and personalised solution, ProcSea has launched a new interface which is accessible in all devices for a better customer experience:

    • mobile : “responsive” browsing, perfect for use on smartphones and tablets
    • ergonomic : a sleek design, bright colours, a new visual identity, simple, intuitive browsing and product search for a better customer experience
    • quick: optimised loading time - 10 times faster!

ProcSea is just a click away, wherever you are, whatever time it is! Check it out now, it's free and without commitment!

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