The members of the jury around the table where the dishes prepared by the candidates are placed.

Final of the 2018 MAF competition: ProcSea, Isigny salmon supplier

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20 February 2020

ProcSea supplied the seafood for the 2018 final of the national competition “Un des Meilleurs Apprentis de France” to create cold dishes.

More than 380 candidates applied to the competition from across France but only 26 candidates attended the CFA Médéric in Paris on Friday 21st September 2018 for the final. This prestigious competition is a real springboard for the new generation and gives young chefs the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Isigny salmon, the key ingredient for the final challenge

The jury of the 2018 edition, led by Jean-François Girardin, came up with a menu using Isigny salmon, supplied by ProcSea. The menu in detail:

  • Isigny salmon, prepared in two different ways, served with a citrus sauce, a mushroom garnish and a garnish of the apprentice’s choice;
  • A moscovite (iced dessert) with a sauce or a coulis.

Candidates had 4.5 hours to prepare their dishes before sending them to the eagle-eyed jury who tasted them before deliberating.

MAF 2018 candidate cooking Isigny salmon supplied by ProcSea.

A jury featuring some of the biggest names in French cuisine

The 33rd edition of the MAF competition to create cold dishes, saw candidates’ preparations judged by a prestigious jury including the holders of three Michelin stars. Alongside Jean-François Girardin (president of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and awarded the Meilleur Ouvrier de France title in 1993) the jury included several renowned chefs:

  • Guillaume GOMEZ, head chef at L’Elysée
  • Jean-Marc DELACOURT, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1991 in Gourmet Cuisine, co-founder of the competition for this discipline
  • Emile TABOURDIAU, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, president of the jury for cooking

In total, nearly thirty experienced chefs tasted the dishes prepared by the finalist apprentices.

Outdoor photograph of the 2018 MAF panel members.

A particularly special edition for candidates

the MAF competition to create cold dishes; six candidates were awarded the title of “Un des Meilleurs Apprentis de France cuisine froide”

2018 was a particularly special year for the MAF competition to create cold dishes; six candidates were awarded the title of “Un des Meilleurs Apprentis de France cuisine froide”: Laëtitia Tholot, Léo Romoeuf, Mozumder Ariful, Rémy Mari, Rodolphe Gannard, Marie Bousquet.

The names of these promising apprentices are already linked to some of France's most renowned restaurants.

The 2018 edition winners alongside Jean-François Girardin and Jean-Marc Delacourt.