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A baffling observation: the seafood sector isn’t digitised.

Did you know that the appetising cod en papillote which you’re about to enjoy has reached your plate via several intermediaries? Renaud is an expert when it comes to this supply chain! In his first jobs, he got to know this particularly complex sector, in which the availability, quality and price of seafood can vary on a daily basis. In this fragmented market, made up by a large number of different stakeholders, products are traded in a rather old-fashioned way, including the use of last century’s good old fax machines!

The revolutionary idea for seafood supplies.

This leads to the idea of creating a simple, reliable digital tool, able to connect supply and demand in real time, all whilst providing value for both sides of the supply chain: fishermen, suppliers and fish merchants on one hand, and restaurateurs, fishmongers and retailers on the other. Working with Florian, a childhood friend, both decide to embark on this project together to revolutionise “PROCurement of the SEA” – the inspiration for their company name!
ProcSea was officially founded in September 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland! The first online marketplace to specialise in seafood for professionals is created. The solution is promising; the company has its first funding round a few months later.

2016: the small vessel hoists the sails and sets sail

2017: Rennes becomes the start-up’s home port in Brittany

Thanks to the support of new investors, ProcSea accelerates its development and seizes the opportunity to join the very first group of new start-ups based in Village By CA in Rennes. It makes sense to choose Brittany as the company’s home port: the region is known for its maritime activity and for being a French Tech hub for digital development, which helps with the recruitment of specific profiles. The team is made up of 12 people!

After a second funding round, the platform and its associated services are improved to ensure a more satisfying customer experience and to appeal to new customers in France and further abroad. The team expands to reach 39 employees! Bigger offices are now required: mission accomplished in September, when the ProcSea ship moves to rue Jean Lemaistre in Rennes.

2018: With the wind in its sails, the ProcSea ship speeds up

2019: ProcSea embarks on a mission to find new, international markets.

ProcSea maintains its course and aims to explore new European markets. To manage this, 40 new employees are needed.

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