Come aboard the ProcSea ship to find out more about its crew!

Our incredible crew consists of a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. The ProcSea ship has two captains: Renaud and Florian (co-founders), supported by plenty of highly motivated sailors (employees) and deckhands (interns) with expert knowledge in their respective fields.

A well structured team to ensure our ship’s safe harbour

Photograph of the ProcSea team.
Management department
“We plot the route and keep the ship on course to ensure its safe harbour.”
HR department
“We sail across the ocean blue in search of rare gems: our future sailors and deckhands.”
Finance department
“We make sure that the ship stays afloat by managing the treasure chest.”
Sourcing department
“We go fishing for the best products and suppliers.”
Logistics department
"We determine the best routes to ensure that deliveries can avoid the storm.”
Sales department
“We set sail to find new customers, near and far (even beyond the oceans).”
Customer department
“We advise our customers by sharing our seafood expertise.”
Marketing department
“We hoist the sails to help the ship travel even faster.”
IT department
“We perfect the unique solution developed by ProcSea to ensure that the ship can manoeuvre properly.”
Analysis department
“We extract and analyse data to optimise the route.”

Nearly 35 sailors in direct contact with our customers

See who they are
Photograph of the experts who will accompany you as soon as you register.

Free time: go behind the scenes with ProcSea!

ProcSea sailors challenge each other on their petanque ground.
ProcSea sailors pose for a Photobooth at the 2019 Tropical Summer Party.
Renaud Enjalbert, co-founder of ProcSea, and Chef Jean-François Girardin, at SIRHA 2018.
Friendly atmosphere, during a ProcSea afterwork
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Fancy joining the ProcSea crew?

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Our ship: the perfect place for collaborationOur ship: the perfect place for collaboration

Whether in Switzerland, France or England, our offices are impregnated with the ProcSea spirit, the same that the whole crew shares. The Rennes home port is a perfect illustration of this, with its spacious and bright spaces, combined with indoor and outdoor recreation areas.
Petanque ground in the outdoor area at ProcSea.
Indoor premises of Procsea to work or relax.
Outdoor deckchairs and sofas for relaxing moments.

How can you visit us in our home port of Rennes?

Nos locaux sont situés dans la zone industrielle de la route de Lorient. Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences, il y a tout pour déjeuner, se déplacer et se divertir à proximité !
  • Vous venez en voiture ? Vous pouvez vous stationner sur les places de parking gratuites, le long de la Vilaine, ou sur le parking réservé aux entreprises du Stadium
  • Vous venez en bus ? L’arrêt «Lemaistre» est le plus proche (3 minutes à pied). Vous pouvez le rejoindre en empruntant les lignes 11, 54, 55 ou 56 (plus d’infos sur
  • Vous venez en vélo ou à pied ? Longez le bord de la Vilaine ! Vous pourrez cadenasser votre vélo au râtelier ProcSea, près du salon extérieur.
A Google map locating ProcSea's offices in Rennes.
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