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ProcSea is an online marketplace that specialises in seafood and is exclusively for professionals. Since 2016, we have connected fish merchants, fishermen and suppliers with restaurateurs, fishmongers and retailers in real time. Thanks to our innovative solution which focuses on the benefits of short supply circuits, we guarantee optimum freshness, quick delivery and fair prices. Read how it all began…
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Extrait d'un article de presse sur le lancement de la startup ProcSea.

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ProcSea’s ship is home to nearly 50 crew members in Switzerland, France and England. We’ve chosen to have our home port in Rennes, often ranked as one of the best French cities to live and work.
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Photographie de l'équipe ProcSea dotée de 50 experts vous accompagnant.

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At ProcSea, everyone expresses their own individuality while sharing a similar mindset: passion for challenges, ambition and team spirit. Do you have this attitude and want to use your talents to help ProcSea go even further? Then we’d love to find out more about you! Send us your CV and cover letter in a spontaneous candidature or apply directly to one of our vacancies. Our HR sailors will assess your application in detail.
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What is the ProcSeadrone©, the latest innovation from ProcSea ?

You have certantly noticed the increasing popularity of drones: whether used for fun or even for military purposes, these no pilot aircraft seems to offer infinite possibilities. Continually looking for the latest technologies, we recognise their potential and the revolutionary impact that they will have on the fishing industry. Our slogan, “from the sea to […]

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ProcSea and Euro-Toques France: a product-focused partnership

After more than two years in the business, ProcSea has formalised its partnership with the association Euro-Toques France, the only lobbyist association for chefs to be officially recognised by the European Commission. History and presentation of the chefs' association Created in 1986 by Messrs Pierre ROMEYER and Paul BOCUSE, the Euro-Toques association aims to defend […]

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ProcSea has enhanced its logistics network with waterproof packaging

In December 2018, ProcSea launched a new logistics service featuring waterproof packaging to strengthen its network in France. What are the advantages of this development? Even fresher products for better deliveries of fresh seafood; Expanded delivery area: comprehensive coverage for delivery across France; Quicker delivery: effective, optimised transportation. Why does fresh products entail complex logistics? […]

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